Some Conversations

Some conversations A never ending competition Always a strive to be the most Listening to react Listening to compare ‘Well, at least this and this and that’ ‘Oh, that’s nothing, this and this and that’ Please, just listen! Only to understand No judging, no twisting and, no comparing No collection of ammunition to defeat the competition Simply no competition Just a conversation Continue reading Some Conversations

Celebrate yourself

Take time out Breathe in the air Look at how far you’ve come All that you’ve overcome All the times you thought that you wouldn’t make it Still, you did make it You’re still standing Still facing your demons Winning your own battles You keep getting better at it So, go ahead Celebrate yourself Even if no one else does Because you deserve it Because you’ve earned it Celebrate yourself Do it now Continue reading Celebrate yourself

Problem Child

Problem child, problem child When will you stop being a problem? Always wrong Always sick Always emotional Always the little black sheep aren’t you Oh problem child, problem child Will death set you free? No, not really Then you’ll still be the problem You’ll still lack understanding You’ll still be the wrong one Making the wrong choice Oh well, I guess in life and death, Always a problem to be solved Continue reading Problem Child