Welcome to Insightful Blue Hummingbird.

Hi there, I’m Nataly, and on this website, I share poetry based on my own life journey. Hopefully they will inspire your soul to also find your own way of reflecting on your life journey and gain valuable insight about your past, present, future and about life in general. In addition to poetry I will also share some reflective articles. So, if you find that your mind, your heart, and your soul are in need of some creative and insightful nourishment, you’re at the right place!

Now that you know what I can do for you, let me share a little bit about myself. I’m an empath, a creative writer and a creative intellectual. In my free time you can find me watching a film, reading a book, doing some creative writing, thinking about life and spending time with animals.

My journey to share my insights with others started in July 2019 when I took a risk and started a YouTube channel, named Insightful Blue Hummingbird. After almost a year of posting on my channel, I decided that it was time to expand and connect to other like-minded individuals. That is, those that are eager to become the best version of themselves and don’t shy away from doing the heavy inner-work needed to get there. A few brainstorming sessions later, and here we are!

I invite you to join me on this journey so that we can continue to grow together! It doesn’t matter were you are in your journey, the only thing that matters is that you’re open and willing to grow!