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Solitary transitions

Moments of solitude Me, myself and I Clouded by internal dialogue Seeking clarity Yet, it still eludes me Being in company Cornered by external chatter Speaking, yet going unheard Unable to grasp A breakdown in communication Back to moments of solitude Me, myself and I Continue reading Solitary transitions

Mente Kargá  

Mente Kargá Yená ku pregunta Sin kontesta Ken por sa? Ken por bisami? Ken por trese E sosiegu mental Ku mi mente ta anhelá *Translation Heavy Mind Heavy mind Filled with questions No answers Who would know? Who can tell me? Who can bring The mental peace That my mind longs for Continue reading Mente Kargá  


Transforming the old into new Either bit by bit Slowly Or giant leaps after giant leaps Swiftly Nonetheless, today is not yesterday Yesterday is not tomorrow And tomorrow might not be today If one is willing to evolve Continue reading Transformation