Stuck in the in-between

Not yet the past Not yet the future Not really the present A purgatory of introspection What’s left in the past? What’s moved towards the future? If it’s still in the now, Is it yet the past? If it’s still in the now, Will it be in the future? When does the present stopped being the past ? And when will it become the future? Award Winning Poetry at DUP Poetry contest:10 WINNERS DUP POETRY CONTEST | Djis un Pensamentu (Just a Thought) Continue reading Stuck in the in-between

Celebrate yourself

Take time out Breathe in the air Look at how far you’ve come All that you’ve overcome All the times you thought that you wouldn’t make it Still, you did make it You’re still standing Still facing your demons Winning your own battles You keep getting better at it So, go ahead Celebrate yourself Even if no one else does Because you deserve it Because you’ve earned it Celebrate yourself Do it now Continue reading Celebrate yourself

The Right Ones

For those that were forgotten For those that were abandoned For those that were abused For those who were not supported I understand I feel you For the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years you spent waiting, wishing, hoping To be accepted I feel you I’m sorry you were forgotten I’m sorry you were abandoned, I’m sorry you were abused, betrayed, lied to, made fun off. I’m sorry you had to cry That your pain was not acknowledged You did not deserve it Yet you endured it Today, let them go And know that you are acknowledged By the … Continue reading The Right Ones

The Restless Mind

Going round and round Picking your brain apart Trying to find the answer Trying to understand But sometimes, there’s no other answer than That’s how they are That’s just how they are For the accomplices, Turning a blind eye becomes a habit Laughing it off becomes a habit Demanding understanding Their go to solution Remaining silent All the while witnessing the abuse Unfortunately, That’s. Just. How. They. Are Continue reading The Restless Mind