Hear Me

A soft whisper in your ear Yes, it’s me you hear Nudging you along Telling you to hang on In your moment of darkness Hear me cheering you on Feel me holding you close Carefully healing your wounds Gently nurturing you to health Encouraging you to be you Though I’m physically absent My heart and soul are right there with you When you feel your heart wavering Just picture me there with you For I am always right there with you Continue reading Hear Me

The song of the Reject

This is how it goes Not good enough Underqualified Too caring – emotion overload Too clingy – let me breathe Too skinny – are you sick? Go fix yourself and come back Repeat Too good for me Overqualified Not caring enough – I feel ignored Too cold and distant – you’re hurting me Too fat – you’re going to get sick Go fix yourself and come back Qualified, not the right look Caring, not the right way Right size, wrong color Go fix yourself and come back Repeat No, stop! Just stop right there Here, take the pen Write your … Continue reading The song of the Reject

The Sword

Today you wield your sword Believing yourself to be judge, jury and executioner Smirk on your face Makes you feel good As you exercise your power Abuse it, actually That oppressive nature you hide Behind a mask of benevolence But I see Oh yes, I see Others will too Go on, wield your sword Hurry, if only for one last time Soon you’ll need to bow down To the one and only To the Lord’s almighty sword! Continue reading The Sword


Be yourself! They said. Speak your truth! They said. Alright, I said. I am me. I think what I think. I feel what I feel. No! They said. That’s not how it goes. Ok, again. I am me. I think what I think. I feel what I feel. A whisper, Don’t you get it? What? You can be, You can think, You can feel, As long as it fits. Fits? The rules. Who’s rules? Puppet master’s. Puppet master controls, You obey. Read the manual. Study it by heart. Hmm, I see. So, I decorated puppet master’s walls with the following … Continue reading Me